A day at the ocean for Lisbon and Oeiras pilots launch

Taking place on World Oceans Day – Saturday, 8th of June, the pilot launches in Lisbon and Oeiras wanted to contribute to a moment of reflection, debate and construction of collective intelligence on the history that the Tagus and the cities of Lisbon and Oeiras share, but above all as this story lives from its intersections with the life of communities.

In Lisbon, the event was anchored in Mar da Palha, where activities included outdoor conversations about the riverside environment, workshops for families and children on the beach next to the fort, photography laboratory about algae and biomaterials and a Caldeirada à fragateiro (fish stew), co-created between a chef and fishermen. The communal cooking was very important for nurturing local practitioners, the communities and for learning about the social relevance of gastronomic practices related to the river and the ocean.

In Oeiras, participants had the opportunity to do a guided tour of the Fort of São Bruno, participate in amazement conversations about the surroundings marine environments, from the visible to the invisible, in addition to experimental cyanotype workshops, decorative painting and other curiosities about the species that inhabit the Tagus. The event was well attended with more than 40 participants demonstrating to be an important moment to engage with the local communities and the Ocean Ambassadors.