Episode #3 – Ocean Literacy

Inspired by the concepts of Escola Azul and the Eco-Schools Network, as well as from the work of the FamStudio design practice, the Ocean Literacy drop aims at educating new generations to be more responsible and participative towards the sustainability of the oceans, aiming to translate scientific findings into actionable insights and design actions and products with industry and cultural partners.

Michael Palmgren, Manager of the Marine Education Center in Malmö, Sweden, has 40+ years of marine biology experience. He collaborates with Naturum Öresund to foster environmental stewardship. Marco Frade, a conservation biologist specializing in Portuguese freshwater ecosystems, focuses on fish fauna and invasive species. At Aquário Vasco da Gama, he develops educational programs to promote conservation.

The EP03 – Ocean Literacy – is part of a bigger series split in two seasons, with episodes dropping every month from April to November in 2024 and 2025 – here and on Canal 180’s Youtube channelSeason 1, titled Drop, Ripple, Wave, is composed of conversations where consortium members and external experts discuss each of the eight pilot project typologies – drops. Learn more about the video series here.