Lisbon 1&2.Feb.2023

Location: Lisbon, Day 1 – Hub Criativo do Beato, Day 2 – Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The two-day Bauhaus of the Seas Sails kick-off event will take place on 1st and 2nd of February in Lisbon, Portugal. It will be hosted by the Municipality of Lisbon and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the project’s local partners. The main goal of the event is to present the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project among the consortium members and showcase both local and international projects related to its research themes and interests.
Day 1 will take place at Hub Criativo do Beato and will combine keynote addresses, an artistic performance, a seaweed-based lunch, the opening of an urban design exhibition and two consortium partner workshops. A showcase of research approaches to the seas will bring to Lisbon researchers from all over Portugal, who will present their work in areas such as architecture, biology, archaeology, energy transition and climate justice.
On Day 2, consortium partner representatives and guests will gather at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and explore the project’s “drops” – concrete activities and experiments that over the next three years will engage local communities on a sustainable, fair and appealing transition. Following two sessions of 15-minute presentations, which will follow the themes of “Connecting” and “Designing”, the members of this engaged audience will take part in four workshop sessions led by Bauhaus of the Seas Sails partner institutions.

Day 1 (1 Feb 2023) – HUB CRIATIVO DO BEATO

8:30-9:00 Factory Lisbon – Reception
Participant and guest registration

9:00-9:30 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Welcome and opening remarks
Nuno Jardim Nunes and Mariana Pestana, Bauhaus of the Seas Sails coordinating team
Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI) / Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (IST)
Rogério Colaço – President, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (IST)

9:30-10:00 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Opening session – Setting Sails
Moderator: Luísa Metelo Seixas, Bauhaus of the Seas Sails coordinating team
Paulo Ferrão – Professor, IST and EU Mission for Climate neutral and Smart Cities
Joana Mendonça – President, National Innovation Agency (ANI)
Luís Araújo – President, Turismo de Portugal

10:00-10:15 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Keynote address: A potpourri of material research
Jorge Brito, Professor of Civil Engineering, IST

10:15-10:30 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Keynote address: Two decades of Ocean Literacy
Michael Palmgren, Marine Education Center, Malmö
Linn Johansson, Marine Pedagogue
Our long experience and journey of conducting marine education to promote Ocean Literacy, With All, both on a local, national and international level. The Marine Education Center is a unique hub for Ocean Literacy and also a national visitor center for nature, naturum Öresund. We facilitate marine awareness through programs for primary school up to the university. We work with nature-based solutions and climate adaptation, in close collaboration together with the City of Malmö.

10:30-11:30 Confectionery building (meet at Factory Main entrance)
Performance: A Metabolic Procession
by Evy Jokhova and Jamie Allen
A Metabolic Procession commemorates and observes the bounties of the sea — resources that seem to us, problematically, practically endless. A meal of mussels, bivalve molluscs from coastal waters of Portugal, becomes a ceremony and vigil for the exchanges we engage in when we eat foods from the sea. This performance was first presented in 2021 as A Metabolic Procession at MAAT museum with TBA21-Academy as part of Architectures of the Enclosed Sea: from Aquaria to Marine Protected Area curated by Louise Carver, a public programme of the exhibition Aquaria Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea curated by Angela Rui.

11:30-12:00 Bakery building
Exhibition opening: Work In Progress, IST Architecture, DECivil Department
Guided tour by Teresa Valsassina Heitor and Francisco Teixeira Bastos, Professors of Architecture, IST/CITUA
The exhibition highlights work from the IST architectural master program’s fall 2023 semester, including models, drawings and renderings alongside student quotes from classes throughout the semester. The exhibition is an open-ended stage where students’ works are viewed in a wider spectrum. It uncovers a variety of processes that has gone into conceiving new scenarios for Beato, Setubal, Funchal and Porto Santo and creating a platform for conversations that can bring a new chapter into the process.

12:00-12:30 Factory Lisbon – Confectionery building
Presentation: The Turtle Project
by Nate Petre and Nathan Jones, DAM
By creating one of Europe’s largest 3D printers at Hub Creativo Beato, the Turtle Project by DAM highlights the ease and flexibility of installing affordable human-scale technology to accelerate local, deployable circular economies. DAM is a circular economy tech development company that has expanded their research and development factory from London to Lisbon to provide a disruptive supply chain solution for manufacturing enabled by the latest digital technologies. It can provide a rapid route to market for manufacturing innovations, while quality, product variation and maintenance can be controlled remotely.

12:30-14:00 Praça Beato
Presentation and lunch: A Regenerative meal
by chefs Glediston Santos & Joana Duarte, Praça
[Project consortium members only]
Portugal is the EU country with the 3rd largest ZEE, and one of its greatest marine resources is seaweed. It is known that seaweed is essential to keep CO2 rates low in the oceans, as are potential bio resources available for both food, medicinal purposes and biofossil production. Glediston Santos and Joana Duarte present a menu idealized using indigenous seaweed from the Portuguese Coast, in a sustainable and versatile approach for this powerful marine resource.

14:00-16:00 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Local Context Showcase
Session chairs: Bauhaus of the Sea Sails team
In this showcase of multidisciplinary approaches to the sea, we invite Portuguese researchers and practitioners from the North to the South of the country to share their work in areas such as architecture, biology, archaeology, energy transition and climate justice.

  • Ecological management of coastal cities: an overview [10’]
    Helena Freitas – Coordinator, Center for Functional Ecology, University of Coimbra
  • The Ecological Continuum between Buildings and Fish Species [10’]
    André Tavares – Architect, Fish Architecture ERC
  • Pirates, shipwrecks and treasure: underwater cultural heritage as a driver for blue tourism [10’]
    Alexandre Monteiro – Archaeologist, História, Territórios e Comunidades (HTC), NOVA FCSH CFE
  • Culatra 2030 [10’]
    Silvia Padinha – President, Culatra Resident Association
    José Nunes – President, Make it Better
  • Regenerative Cultures: a weaving practice [10´]
    Liliana Coutinho, Curator, Culturgest
  • Soft Spaces Between Land and Sea: Is there room for innovation? [10’]
    Cristina Cavaco – Architect, Research Center of Architecture, Urbanism and Design (CIAUD), Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon
  • Climate Justice [10’]
    Andreia Galvão, activist

Q&A with the audience [20’]

16:00-16:30 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Closing session – Starting the journey in Portugal
Diogo Moura – Council Member for Culture, City of Lisbon
Jorge Barreto Xavier – Director General of Education, Social Development and Culture, City of Oeiras
Guilherme D’Oliveira Martins – Member of the Board of Trustees, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

16:30-17:00 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Coffee Break

17:00-18:00 Factory Lisbon – Conference Room (2nd floor)
Workshop Work Package 1: Project Management (ITI/IST)
Workshop Work Package 6: Communication and Dissemination (Magellan)

20:00-23:00 Consortium Partner Dinner


9:00-9:30 Auditorium 3
Welcome, opening remarks
Louisa Hooper – Director, Sustainability Program, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
Ana Botella – Deputy Director, CAM Gulbenkian
Elisabetta Balzi – Head of the Healthy Seas and Oceans Unit, European Commission Research and Innovation Directorate General
Nuno Jardim Nunes – Bauhaus of the Seas Sails coordinating team

9:30-11:00 Auditorium 3
Introduction to the “drops”: Connecting
Moderator: Markus Reymann – Director, TBA21

  • Zöop [15’] – Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • Zöop implementation [10’] – Caroline Nevejan, Chief Science Officer of the Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Awe in Ocean Literacy [15’] – Famstudio
  • Inclusive Digital Storytelling [15’] – Valentina Nisi / IST
  • Blue Seniors [15’] – Ca’ Foscari University
    Q&A with the audience [20’]

11:00-11:30 Congress Area Entrance Hall
Coffee Break

11:30-13:00 Auditorium 3
Introduction to the “drops”: Designing
Moderator: Markus Reymann – Director, TBA21

  • Regenerative Menu[15’]
    Cooking Sections/Climavore
  • Blue Makerspace [15’]
    Atelier Luma/Henriette Waal
  • Future Tidal Architectures [15’]
    Delft University/Next Generation initiative
  • Wellbeing Reefs [15’]
    Superflex, Alex Jordan & Max Planck Institute
    Q&A with the audience [30’]

13:00-14:00 VIP Foyer
Lunch – On the path to more sustainable and climate friendly choices: a carbon-labeled menu, by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

14:00-15:30 Room 1
Workshop WP2 Co-Design (Malmö University)

15:30-16:30 Room 1
Workshop WP3 Delivery (TBA21)

16:30-17:00 Congress Area Entrance Hall
Coffee Break

17:00-18:00 Room 1
Workshop WP4 Replication (Ca’ Foscari University)

18:00-19:00 Room 1
Workshop WP5 Impact Assessment (Delft University)

19:00-20:00 Room 1
Closing session


Registration (sold out*)

*For non-consortium members: We have now reached the maximum number of registrations for the event. If you would like to join the waiting list, please send an email to and we hope we will be able to provide an extra spot. We thank you for your interest in the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails.