Oeiras 26-28 Sept. 2023

The three-day Bauhaus of the Seas Sails event taking place in Oeiras will gather representatives from the consortium’s institutions for a full schedule of work sessions and workshops. This schedule will be complemented by two public programmes that aim to express the commitment of the Oeiras Municipality towards the event’s overarching theme: Ocean Literacy.

Day 1 will take place at the Templo da Poesia, a lighthouse-shaped building atop the Parque dos Poetas. In this invitation-only programme, consortium partner representatives will be joined by Sea Forum participants, Ocean Ambassadors and guests for talks, presentations and conversations on Ocean Literacy from a situated perspective.

On Day 2, consortium partner representatives will be working at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência for most of the day. At mid-afternoon they will join citizens from Oeiras at the Poets Waterfall of the Jardins do Marquês de Pombal, where they will interact with the Eden X installation and meet the Walk to the Sea tour guides. These six guides will take them across the Oeiras territory to discover perspectives of its history, biodiversity and landscape. The tour will end at the Santo Amaro de Oeiras beach.

Day 3 starts early at the Vasco da Gama Aquarium, where consortium partner representatives will spend the entire day discussing the project’s development and future perspectives.

26 Sept invitation-only event

Reading the Ocean
Templo da Poesia

17:00 Opening Ceremony

17:30 Reading the Ocean

  • Video address by Elisa Ferreira, European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms
  • Presentation of ocean literacy projects in Oeiras by Jorge Barreto Xavier, Municipal Director of Education, Social and Cultural Development
  • Talk by Manuel Pinto de Abreu, Oceanographer and Sharing Institute curator
  • Conversation between Nuno Vasco Rodrigues (Photographer and Biologist) and Capicua (rapper and author), moderated by Frederico Duarte (ITI/IST)

19:55 Presentation: Eden X in Oeiras
Mariana Pestana

20:30 Dinner, Verso Rooftop Lounge

27 Sept consortium-only

Work sessions – Day 1
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

8:30 Welcome and Coffee

9:00 Ocean Literacy

9:30 Experiential opening workshop
with Fito Conesa and TBA21-Academy*

12:00 Lunch
IGC Cafeteria

13:00 Geospatial platform interactive presentation
Michael Rodrigues/ Carola Hein / Alankrita Sarkar, TU Delft

14:00 Zoöp development programme
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Zöonomic Institute

16:00 Coffee-break
Terrace, Palácio do Marquês de Pombal

* TBA21-Academy members present are co-directors Rosa Ferré and Markus Reymann and BoSS Project Manager Nicole Arthur

27 Sept public event

A Walk to the Sea
Palácio do Marquês de Pombal

A series of guided walks from the centre of Oeiras to the sea, where groups follow local experts in history, nature, navigation and other disciplines, as well as community representatives and artists, to discover original perspectives of the city and its connection to the maritime heritage and aquatic ecosystems.

Free admission, subject to registration limit
Registrations are open!

16:30 Meet-up at Cascata dos Poetas, Jardins Palácio do Marquês de Pombal
16:45 Interaction with Eden X, an installation by Joana Pestana and Mariana Pestana
EdenX is a digital platform that experiments ways of dialogue between humans and non-humans about the river, its constituents and their rights. During the Reading the Oceans event, around 15 people will come together online to speak on their own behalf or on behalf of others using fiction, artificial intelligence, monitoring sensors and other technologies. As well as being a platform for dialogue, EdenX functions as a decentralised, self-managed deliberation and decision-making tool, in which all participants can make proposals and vote on proposals made by others. The conversation will take place in three narrative moments, in English-language text, and can be watched both in real time or in deferred mode at the installation located on the Marquês de Pombal Palace Gardens in Oeiras or via the edenx.pt website.

17:30 Start of Walks

19:00 Arrival at Praia Santo Amaro de Oeiras



Walk 1
Carlos Alpedrinha ANCORAS – Associação Náutica Clássicos de Oeiras 

Sea and Heritage Route – Lateen Sailing on the Tagus River
The walk starts at the Palácio do Marquês de Pombal and continues along the Lage stream to the River Tagus; it proceeds along the seafront promenade to the Oeiras Marina, where the group boards one or two traditional or classic boats operated by ÂNCORAS – Associação Náutica Clássicos de Oeiras. We will sail (weather permitting) to the Lighthouses Directorate, where we will disembark and finish this seafaring route. Participants will learn about places linked to maritime activity and heritage, in particular related to the defence of the Port of Lisbon and the Tagus Bar. , In line with promoting ocean knowledge and literacy, this route will highlight development-enhancing elements in the territory.

Walk conducted in English
Registration limit: 20 people

Walk 2
João Paulo Medeiros MARE (Centre for Marine and Environmental Sciences) / ARNET (Aquatic Research Network)

To Sea or not to Sea – What we can Sea more beyond rocks and sand?
Wherever the ocean meets the land, from long sandy beaches to wide mudflats and steep rocky shores, an intertidal zone exists. Here, marine organisms arrange themselves, vertically and horizontally, to guarantee their survival in a dynamic ecosystem. The adaptation strategies found in intertidal residents, either mobile or sedentary, are highly diverse and reflect their need to compete for space, avoid predators, secure body moist and stand up to wave energy in a high challenging environment. The intertidal zone is thus a critical interface between terrestrial and marine ecosystems, whose ebb and flow of the tide determines the rhythm of life cycles and behaviours of many animals, both marine and terrestrial (including people!). Despite the recognized importance of these areas, there are still gaps in the conservation of the vast group of intertidal species, many of which are threatened by habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, fishing, among others. The main goal of this initiative in the aim of the program “Walk to the sea” consists of taking a closer look at the riverside area of the municipality of Oeiras and see what it has to offer beyond the beaches, walking areas and other leisure areas and raise awareness of the importance of intertidal zones.

Walk conducted in English
Registration limit: 20 people

Walk 3
Marco Ferreira Vasco da Gama Aquarium

Down by the river
Rivers are, perhaps, the most influential geographical feature for the development of civilization. Likewise, they are extremely important in the intricate web of life, sculpting animal and plant communities of entire regions. In this walk we will look at these flowing bodies of water and debate how humanity has changed them to suit its needs, what impacts are we observing and how communities try to work to minimise or revert these effects.

Walk conducted in English
Registration limit: 20 people

Walk 4
Maria João Leão Programa Ciência + Cidadã (IGC, ITQB NOVA, Municipality of Oeiras)

Oeiras Experimenta
Participants in this walk will be able to get to know Oeiras Experimenta, a Citizen Science project coordinated by ITQB NOVA in close partnership with the Gulbenkian Institute of Science and the Municipality of Oeiras, which is organising a living laboratory at Quinta do Marquês do Pombal with the participation of citizens. This project aims to study the impacts of climate change on the growth and productivity of plants that may be more resistant to adverse conditions, such as chícharo (a kind of pea/chickpea), sorghum and national varieties of rice, as well as learning more about the microbiome of bees. Participants in this visit will be able to talk to the researchers involved in these trials and taste chícharo pastries, rice cakes and sorghum during a picnic that aims to publicise the food potential of the plants being studied in Oeiras Experimenta.

Walk conducted in Portuguese
Registration limit: 20 people

Walk 5
Patrícia Portela Writer and performance maker

We don’t walk because we like the landscape, we have come to like the landscape because we walk. We regularly walk in gardens, down valleys, through forests, along orchards, and that’s why we know that an apple always falls down from a tree in a direction perpendicular to the ground.
We walk to contemplate, and perhaps to conclude that the most vertiginous thought we might ever entertain on a walk is to realise that perhaps life is only found on this Earth. Guest: Nicolas Fernando de Warren, Professor of Phenomenology. Sound design: Miguel Abras

We kindly request the guest walkers to bring their own smartphone and respective headphones.
Walk conducted in English
Registration limit: 20 people

Walk 6
Pedro Cardoso Nautical Activities Centre, Paço de Arcos School Group

Stand Up Paddle Lesson
Participants in this floating walk will have the opportunity to get to know the AEPA/CMO Nautical Activities Centre and see the full scope of the experiences that young students from Oeiras have here on a daily basis. They will also be able to appreciate some of the artistic works based on the maritime theme. In the second part of the visit, participants will be invited to take part in a Stand Up Paddle lesson. The class will begin with a presentation of the equipment needed for the activity, followed by an approach to the proper techniques, carried out on the beach and ending with a short walk along the Oeiras coastline, where they can enjoy the pleasure of gliding over the ocean waters and appreciate the coastal landscape from a new perspective.

Target audience: General public with the physical ability to practise sport.
Materials needed: Swimsuit, flip-flops, T-shirt or lycra and towel.
Location: Praia dos Pescadores (Paço de Arcos) at the sports training centre of the Paço de Arcos School Group.
Registration limit: 15 people

Walk 7
Sara Almeida Environmental Management Division, Municipality of Oeiras

Guided tour of Oeiras’ riverside biodiversity
Starting from the Marquês de Pombal Palace Garden, the route will follow the course of the Laje stream to its mouth at Santo Amaro de Oeiras beach, passing through a gradient of terrestrial-riverine-marine habitats. During the walk, topics such as the ecological importance of these habitats, the species they contain and what we can do to preserve them will be discussed. There will also be the chance to observe various species up close, from the most common plants and insects to native fish and both shorebirds and seabirds. This activity will be prepared and guided by technicians from the Environmental Management Division of the Municipality of Oeiras.

Walk conducted in Portuguese
Registration limit: 20 people

Registrations are now open!

Film still from Mar Urbano Lisboa © Zero em Comportamento

27 Sept public event

Mar Urbano Lisboa documentary
Auditório Municipal Eunice Muñoz

21:30 Documentary screening and talk
Free admission, subject to room capacity
Registrations are now open!

“Mar Urbano Lisboa” [Urban Sea Lisbon] is an environmental documentary about the Tagus River Estuary directed by José Vieira Mendes and Ricardo Gomes. Addressing the quality of its water, its marine biodiversity and its impact on the future of the Lisbon metropolitan area (Almada, Oeiras, Seixal, Montijo, Barreiro and Loures), this film promotes the need for a broad debate, but also individual action in favour of this ecosystem that is so fundamental to our lives.
This screening aims to highlight the importance of preserving the River Tagus. It emphasises the resilience of marine ecosystems and the adaptation of riverside populations. These adaptations relate to economic, social, and environmental changes in the region. Additionally, it addresses the impact of climate change.

The documentary features beautiful underwater images of the Tagus Estuary and includes testimonies from specialists, academics and figures linked to the estuary’s marine ecosystem. These figures include Francisco Ferreira [Associação Zero], Maria (Zita) José Costa [biologist and researcher], Jaime Costa [traditional boat builder], Leonel Serrano Gordo [biologist, MARE – Centre for Marine and Environmental Sciences], José Tourais [diving instructor] and Bernardo Queiroz [sailing instructor]. The film has been shown at international festivals focusing on the environment and the climate crisis.

After the screening, there will be a talk moderated by biologist Marco Frade Ferreira.

Mar Urbano Lisboa
José Vieira Mendes and Ricardo Gomes
Portugal, 2020, 48 minute
Film trailer

28 Sept consortium-only

Work sessions – Day 2
Aquário Vasco da Gama

8:30 Welcome and Coffee

9:00 Pilot Demonstrator Executive Plans
Lisbon, Oeiras, Venice, Genova, Malmö, Delta, Hamburg

10:30 Finalising Executive Plans
Pilots + Ann Light/Froukje Zumbrink, Malmö University + TBA21-Academy*

12:00 Lunch
Astúrias Café, Palácio Anjos

13:00 Theory of Change
Gloria-Karin López, Malmö University

14:00 BoSS Support Programme
Froukje Zumbrink + TBA21-Academy*

16:00 Coffee break

16:00 Water Values Game
Prof. Carola Hein/ Queenie Lin/ Michael Rodrigues, TU Delft and Alankrita Sarkar, Deltametropolis Association

18:30 Communication/dissemination activities & Wrap-up
Andrea Hržić, Magellan + Luisa M. Seixas, IST

* TBA21-Academy members present are co-directors Rosa Ferré and Markus Reymann and BoSS Project Manager Nicole Arthur