Malmö is launching the first Open Call for Ocean Ambassadors

The Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Malmö pilot is officially launching the Open Call for Ocean Ambassadors. The Malmö pilot is inviting the interested parties to the launch of the first Open Call looking for local ocean ambassadors who can promote new relationships between Malmö residents and the sea taking place on Wednesday 22 November at 16:00-18:00  in Malmö Konsthall.

Malmö University,  Forum for Social Innovation Sweden and Marine Education Center are running the Swedish pilot of the Bauhaus of the Sea Sails and want more Malmö residents, with their different cultures and experiences, to have the opportunity to get involved in exploring and creating a different relationship with the sea.

Both individuals and organizations are welcome to become ocean ambassadors. An ocean ambassador will receive funds to create and implement activities in 2024 where different types of Malmö residents – ultimately all of Malmö – get new experiences that strengthen their relationship with life in the sea.

The purpose of the launch on 22 November is to present the idea and criteria of the Open Call to those participating and to find other individuals and organisations – partners – to team up with and write the application together.

The launch event takes place in Swedish. Even if you are unable to attend the launch event, you are welcome with your application.

The Open Call will be published on the website of Forum for Social Innovation Sweden no later than 22 November 2023 and will be open until 7 January 2024. Those who register for the launch event will receive an email as soon as it is published.

Sea Forum in Malmö in June, 2023

What is the relationship between Malmö and the sea today?
When we think of Malmö and the sea, many think of summer, swimming and playing at Ribban and in Västra Hamnen. But the sea plays an even bigger role than you might think. The well-being of the ocean is a prerequisite for all life on the planet. We need to create a new relationship with the sea and its inhabitants. Relationships where we no longer see the sea just as a beautiful view or a resource, but rather as a neighbor that we need to get to know and live with. Just like our human neighbors, we must show care and nurture our relationship with the sea.

Who can apply to become an Ocean Ambassador?
We are looking for individuals and actors who together have knowledge of sustainability, encounters with nature, creative ways of working, culture, art and a good relationship with groups of Malmö residents who are usually not heard or included in urban development processes. The ocean ambassadors will undergo a short training in the spring of 2024 to partly provide new perspectives that can be used to refine ideas for activities that strengthen Malmö residents’ relationship with life in the sea, and partly to enable collaboration between the sea ambassadors.

For more information, visit the website.