Introducing the Ocean Ambassadors Compass: Navigating Towards Regenerative Cultures

Announcing the launch of the Ocean Ambassadors Compass, a collaborative effort by Malmö University and Marint Kunskapscenter i Malmö, and Forum for Social Innovation Sweden.  This workbook is designed to inspire and guide individuals and communities in fostering regenerative cultures. We welcome anyone interested in the topic, to use it in their daily life or work.

The Compass will be officially launched and discussed at the digital workshop “The ocean starts here: more-than-human co-design for living with the sea,” taking place on 10 April 2024 as part the New European Bauhaus Festival. Register now to secure your spot here.

Crafted as a learning journey, the compass guides you through different learning experiences: awareness, engagement, shifts in perspective, and changes in daily practices. Four guiding principles underpin this journey:

  • Sustainability: Towards a symbiotic coexistence with the Ocean.
  • Locally Grounded: Building upon local ecosystems, knowledge, and capacities.
  • Inclusive: Collaboration with both people and the Ocean.
  • Aesthetic: Engaging senses and emotions.

Developed as part of the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project, this compass is a testament to collaborative effort. The illustrations in the Compass have been developed by Emma Thorén.

The English version is now available, with translations in Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, and Swedish.

Illustrations by Emma Thorén

Illustrations by Emma Thorén

Illustrations by Emma Thorén