Quarterly meeting #1 in Arles

Part of the Expert Development Programme developed by TBA21, the first Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Quarterly Meeting took place in LUMA Arles, France, from the 12-13 June 2023.

During one day and a half, the attendees carried out collaborative work through a playful workshop, got introduced to a methodology for local mapping resources, and had curated moments to share their thoughts, ideas, fears, and challenges towards the BoSS process.

In total, 15 members of the different BoSS partner institutions were present, with 3 invited guests.

The group visited the design research centre of LUMA called Atelier LUMA located in a newly opened building. Atelier LUMA is a design and research laboratory that investigates the resources and know-how of the bioregion of Arles, connecting different fields of expertise to develop local solutions for an ecological, economic and social transition.  

Major part of the meeting was also dedicated to the playful workshop led by Studio Inscape, and ended with a session where participants exchanged their impressions of the past days together.  Studio Inscape was founded by Charlotte von Meijenveldt, Willie Vogel and Eileen Stornebrink in 2018 and is experienced in designing spatial strategies, installations and experiences that focus on human-non-human interactions.  

The main objectives of the meeting were to foster connection between participants and the BoSS project, visit LUMA and Atelier LUMA to learn about their trajectory and current working methods, introduce new design methods/tools  and become inspired by methodologies led by art, culture, and creativity.