Sea Forums

The Bauhaus of the Seas Sails project incorporates Sea Forums as an integral part of its collaborative approach: these forums serve as a platform for partners, stakeholders, and participants to come together.

The Sea Forum supports the local pilot team in grounding the process locally and co-develops the executive plan for the demonstrators to guarantee the long term life of the pilot.

With the aim of fostering knowledge exchange and co-design, these Sea Forum events take place in the consortium’s main locations, allowing different pilot teams, such as those in Lisbon, Malmö, and Oeiras, to share their insights with local agents and institutions.

The Sea Forum events also have the objective to assess the expected impact of the drop(s) activities (ripples) and how they might align with the existing goals of the local institutions and organizations involved.

For example, the Ocean Literacy drop in Oeiras, creates an intergenerational strategy for sea education, gathering together key researchers and partners from the public, private, and social sectors while the Blue Makerspace drop in Lisbon​ creates a platform lab to conduct research and explore material applications (algae, and recycled materials, etc) and scenarios in urban environments related to the river Tagus.


Sea Forum in Malmö, Sweden in June 2023