World Oceans Day: Venice pilot kick-off at Ocean Space

The Venice pilot kick-off was hosted by Ocean Space at Campo San Lorenzo in Venice. The event was co-organised by Ocean Space and the Bauhaus of the Seas Sails Venice partners Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, IUAV University of Venice, City of Venice, North Adriatic Sea Port Authority and TBA21.

The Venice pilot is being implemented in the San Basilio and Santa Marta areas, a zone connected to the lagoon and characterized by interesting transformation opportunities. Over the years, heritage renewal has been started by the Municipality, and the Port Authority, with the complete renovation of the port docks and transformation of industrial buildings by universities into sites of research and knowledge exchange.

During the the round table, the Venice pilot shared the current challenges, the status of their research, and upcoming activities focusing on the three drops: Blue Seniors, Regenerative Menu and Future Tidal Architectures.

Participants of the round table included Ca’ Foscari University professors Fabio Pittarello, Fabio Pranovi and Massimo Warglien, Port of Venice Strategic Planning Area Manager Alessandra Libardo, IUAV University professor Francesco Musco, and Venice City Councilor Paola Mar.

The round table was part of a series of events celebrating World Oceans Day at Ocean Space organised by TBA21. The afternoon continued with various activities around the topic of ocean conservation and reflection including interacting with culinary installation by Barena Bianca and discussions and listening sessions with artists Robertina Šebjanič and Laure Winants.